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Please read thoroughly PKNIC Policy before placing order for .pk domain. PKNIC is the main registry in Pakistan, which has all the rights and powers to register, renew and transfer .pk ccTLDs names. It allows its resellers to perform this talk for the internet users through shared registry system. If you want to Buy PKNIC domains and searching for Cheapest PK Domain Prices, then is the company you have been finding. After the invention of world wide web the internet domain name system came into being to provide people with the facility to register their website's names. Every country has it's own specifically assigned country code top level domains (ccTLDs). In case of Pakistan .PK is the top level domain. There are large number of local companies which are selling names in Pakistani domain extensions to the local as well as international users. Every company has its own special price, but as our company name explains it well, we are specialized in dealing clients who are looking forward to purchase website names in .PK, .COM.PK or .EDU.PK Domain Extension.

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Pk Domain Price

Domain Price in Pakistan

Domain Extension Registration Price Validity Period Category More Info
.COM Rs.2100 1 Year Most Popular International World Wide Web Suffix Register .Com
.PK Rs.2500 2 Years Pakistani TLD Available to Anyone, Local or Overseas Individuals or Entities Buy .pk
.COM.PK Rs.2500 2 Years For Entities, Businesses, Companies and Individuals Search
.NET Rs.1849 1 Year Common Purpose Networking Business .net Register
.ORG Rs.1849 1 Year International Non-Profit Organizations Find .org
.BIZ Rs.2050 1 Year Perfect for Business Websites .biz Checker
.INFO Rs.1494 1 Year Informational Websites, Used for General Purposes Register .info
.TV Rs.5000 1 Year For Television, News Channels, Videos, Newspapers Lookup .tv
.CO Rs.1999 1 Year Colombia top Level Domain Replacement of .Com Finder .co
.AE Rs.5499 1 Year United Arab Emirates Commonly Used Domain Name Search .ae
.JP Rs.7900 1 Year Country Code Top Level Domain of Japan .jp Registration
.CO.UK Rs.1494 1 Year Commonly Used Website Suffix in United Kingdom Find
.EDU.PK Rs.3500 2 Years Only Pakistani Registered Educational Institutions Book .EDU.PK
.NET.PK Rs.2500 2 Years Network Service Providers Check
.ORG.PK Rs.2500 2 Years Local Non-Profit Organisations Finder
.WEB.PK Rs.2500 2 Years Individual Websites Availability
.BIZ.PK Rs.2500 2 Years General Business, Promotional Company
.FAM.PK Rs.2500 2 Years Fame, Family and Individuals Search
.GOV.PK Rs.2500 2 Years Federal Ministries of the Government Gov Domains
.GOP.PK Rs.2500 2 Years Departments of the Government of Punjab Purchase
.GOS.PK Rs.2500 2 Years Sindh Provincial Government Registry
.GOB.PK Rs.2500 2 Years Balochistan Government Departments Register
.GOK.PK Rs.2500 2 Years State Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Check
.GKP.PK Rs.2500 2 Years Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government Find
.GOG.PK Rs.2500 2 Years Government Departments of Gilgit-Baltistan Provider

What is PK Domain?

The term .PK refers to the country code top level domains in Pakistan, in it .pk stands for Pakistan. So this domain extension is geographically allocated specially to the people of Pakistan. So if you live in Pakistan and you are interested in targeting the internet audience of local market, then it will be a good strategy to start your online website with a name having .pk extension at the end of it's name, which shows that the business or products and services are related to Pakistan. Now a days almost all of the major brands have secured their company and brand names with .pk and suffix. So if you want to buy your website name, then congratulations you are at the one of the best domain registration company's website. We deal in all the .pk ccTLDs and can provide you special discount on bulk purchase.

Just navigate to the top of this page or visit and there in the search bar put any name, dictionary words, phrases, keywords or company name and press the Search button to find the availability of your required name in available Pakistani and most commonly used generic domain extensions.

In Pakistan .PK and .COM.PK domain extensions are most popular. They are easy to remember and have few characters in suffix. It is solely your choice to select any extension you feel fit for your project. .PK, .COM.PK, .NET.PK, .ORG.PK, .WEB.PK, .FAM.PK and .BIZ.PK extensions are available to everyone. You can use it for blogging, informational website, or to sell products and services online by creating online store or eCommerce website.

With all .PK Domain names there does not come any control panel. So our technical team has to update and change the DNS against each domain name manually. While you register a domain name you can tell us in the order form that which domain name servers you want against that name. You can also change your DNS later on whenever you want by requesting us to do so by emailing us through your official email which you used while purchasing domain from us. Or by generating ticket in control panel.

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