Terms and Conditions

www.domainhost.pk is offering Domain Registration, Web Hosting and several other IT related services. Before placing any order kindly read thoroughly www.domainhost.pk terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are applicable on all our products and services and are subject to change any time without any prior notification, so keep reviewing our terms of services periodically.

Web Hosting Terms & Conditions

  1. www.domainhost.pk is giving 30 days money back guarantee on new web hosting packages which are unused, unserviced (not used). After 15 days of active service, you will not be eligible for any refunds. Within 15 days of account activation Refund policy applies only in those cases when neither you are satisfied with the quality of services nor you have used them. You will have to provide good solid convincing reason to reverse your order and claim your refund.
  2. Money Back Guarantee is not applicable on Web Hosting renewals and SSL Certificate renewals. Money Back Guarantee is not applicable on domain renewals and transfer as may the case be. Because after transferring your domain to our account, your domain has been renewed for 12 months, and this money we have already paid to the main registry and it is totally non refundable to us and for you as well.
  3. If you choose any Free domain registration package. As we offer free .com/.net/.org/info and .pk domain names with different web hosting packages. Then later on if you decide to cancel your package in which you have got free domain name. Then as you know domain names are non refundable, once we register your domain name, we pay for it, and this price is totally non refundable to us as well, so if you cancel later on your package in which you have got any free domain. The price of domain name will be deducted from the amount you have paid us, before any kind of refund. So after cancellation of any package in which you have got the free domain name, you will pay the price for the domain name and will own the domain name. We are not providing any kind of refund on domain registration, renewal or transfers.
  4. There are no refunds if you violate our terms and conditions in any way around. You will not be eligible for any kind of refunds in case of any abuse usage of our services such as spaming, scaning, throtling, trade mark violations, unsolicited emails and other reasons enlisted on this page. In any different scenrio, claimable refund will be dicided by www.domainhost.pk in its sole discreation.
  5. We highly recommend to our clients to take timely backup yourself and save the data of your website in your personal computer as a precautionary measure.
  6. www.domainhost.pk is not liable for any claim of backups or damages in case of any un-human act, Hard Disk Crash, natural disaster or any damages/ loss of your data.
  7. www.domainhost.pk is not charging any single penny/ paisa for backup facility to its clients. So its solely clients responsibility to take timely backups to secure their website and to use it in case of any emergency. We highly encourage all our clients to take your account backups yourself atleast once in a month, so you can use it later on whenerver you need it. Company will not be responsible for any data loss at any stage. In case of hard disk crash, server crash, data loss, you will not held liable or accountable to www.domainhost.pk.
  8. www.domainhost.pk reserves all rights and powers to suspend clients domain as well as web hosting services if you violate our terms and conditions in any way.
  9. As we are offering both Windows and Linux based web hosting services at same price and you will receive that hosting technology which you choose while placing your order. Later on if you want to switch from one hosting type to another, e.g from Windows to Linux or Linux to Windows then client will have to pay PKR.2000 to transfer your website from one server to another. www.domainhost.pk is charging PKR.2000 Web Hosting switching charges in addition of price difference of both hosting technologies.
  10. Once our sales representative confirm your payment, then your domain name registration and web hosting details will be delivered to you through email within 24 hours of time period.
  11. We highly recommend our clients to renew your domain and web hosting services atleast one week before the renewal date to keep your website (products and services) protected from any kind of suspension. Timely renewal keeps your website and domain active and you will not have to pay any late fee charges. Whereas extra charges are applied if services are renewed after passing the expiry date.
  12. After expiry of your web hosting plan, if you fail to make the payment of your invoice in due time. Your all services will be discontinued and your account will be restricted and deactivated. Company will not resume its services for any kind of backup. So take your timely backups each month. Your account will only be activated on complete payment of package. Once you renew your package with complete payment you will have full access of your products and services. You cannot hold company liable to give you backup without clearing your remaining balances.
  13. We are not liable for the backups of your website after the expiry of your web hosting package. That is the reason we request all our clients to make timely payments atleast before the expiry date. So it is not our duty to save your backups after the expiry date of your package.
  14. Domain Authorization Code will be provided to the client only on clearing all the available, remaining and outstanding balances.
  15. We are providing unlimited disc space with only Business Plan, so if you are currently using any lower package (such as Starter Plan, Experts Plan, Professional Plan, Economical Plan) then kindly upgrade your package to Business Plan to get Unlimited Disc Space.
  16. www.domainhost.pk is not providing any payment refund on services or package upgradating and renewals.
  17. We highly advise you to check the specs and features thoroughly before placing order and if you have any confusion about any feature or need any additional special feature which normally does not come with shared web hosting then kindly double check the availability of this required feature directly from the customer support or sales team, before placing the order. In case of any misunderstanding our company will not be liable for any form of payment refund. Because we are ready to serve you with our best possible services which we have promised, and you cannot hold us liable for something which we have not promised. In case of any misbehaviour, abusive language or blackmailing, company hold the right to discontinue communication and freeze all your accounts and you cannot hold the company liable for any loss in any channel as per company's terms and conditions. Abusive language, misbehaviour and blackmailing is totally unacceptable. You can request us in proper manners if you need any assistance or if you are not satisfied with the services. But you cannot hold our company liable for any mistake that you have made while making selection of web hosting type because of being inexperienced or having little to no prior knowledge of how things work in web hosting field.
  18. Due to sudden hike in the value of United States Dollar price, our domain registration, renewal, transfer and web hosting packages prices and renewal charges are subject to change anytime. Dollar price is fluctuating frequently, so in such circumstances the prices are subject to change anytime as we pay for everything in dollars to our associated companies.
  19. www.domainhost.pk holds all rights to cancel any user services and can refund the amount client paid with valid reasons.
  20. www.domainhost.pk holds all rights to update/ change his terms and condition and privacy policy at any stage.

DOMAIN NAME Terms & Conditions

  1. In case of all .pk domain extensions the PKNIC policy is applicable, So kindly read thoroughly PKNIC Policy and terms and conditions before placing any .pk domain order.
  2. The domain name which you mention while placing your order shall be available for registration till the time our sales representative receive and confirm your payment and register it. In plain words, www.domainhost.pk is not responsible for your domain name if someone else register it during the time of payment confirmation. As soon as our sales team confirm the payment, your domain name will be registered on top priority basis. But still if unfortunately due to any reason, the domain is registered by any other company of person before us, then www.domainhost.pk cannot be hold responsible for it.
  3. If two persons order the same domain name, then we will register the domain name for that party who will complete the payment process early. Which means your order is not complete unless or until we confirm that we have received your payment and have successfully registered your requested domain for you.
  4. You cannot blame us for misspelled domain name, we will register your requested domain name in exactly the same spellings in which you have placed the order. So www.domainhost.pk is not responsible for misspelled domain name (provided by Client). Because it is your fault if you are placing order with wrong spellings.
  5. www.domainhost.pk is not giving Domain Panel with domain names. But your domain name gets activated soon after registration, and our technical teams is available to make your required changes related to domain name. You can also get your domain name transferred to any other registrar or company if you want on paying the transfer charges after clearing your balances of all services which you have currently subscribed from our company. Whereas for .PK Domain names, you can also contact the PKNIC and can learn from then the complete procedure to transfer your .PK domain name to any other registrar.
  6. All .PK Domain Name registering clients are bound to follow the guideline and terms & conditions stated by www.domainhost.pk and PKNIC. Unlike .Com domain all .PK domain names are registered, renewed and transferred biannually and cannot be register, renew or transfer for a single year.
  7. In case of a domain name in .Gov.PK, .Gok.pk, Gob.pk, Gos.pk, Gop.pk, .Gog.pk, .Gkp.pk domain extension complete documents verification is required. As these domain extensions represents Government domain names. So a domain name in any of these extensions can only be registered by Government authorized person of that department. A domain name in these extensions cannot be used for personal usage. It can be used by the Government department authorized person for the respective department use. To register a domain in these extensions in addition of registration details, Company Stamped Letter Head, Company's registration documents and Owners CNIC copy is required.
  8. EDU.PK Domain can only be registered for School, College, University and other educational institutes which are affiliated with their respective relevant boards and are registered by Government.
  9. All those clients which are not our direct clients and have purchased .PK Domain through our resellers are requested to contact our respective reseller from which you have purchased the domain name. Our all resellers are very good and will perform the tasks related to domain registration, renewal and dns management on your request. If you face any issue then you can contact us and we will try to resolve your problem. But try to contact the company and person from which you have purchased your .pk domain and request him to renew the same for you.
  10. Your domain name will be unlocked or Domain Name Authorization Code will be provided to you only on providing us with solid, legitimate and convincing reason, that why you want to transfer your domain name from our company to somewhere else. Because we may provide you better solution for your problem or may even solve the issue or problem if you have any.
  11. Once a domain name has been registered successfully, then we cannot delete that domain name and we will not provide you any refund of money against that domain name.
  12. There is no refund of money after successfully registration of domain name. www.domainhost.pk cannot delete the domain name after registering it.
  13. Documents Processing and verification fee of PKR.500 or $6 is charged in case of .EDU.PK and .Gok.pk, Gob.pk, Gos.pk, Gop.pk, .Gog.pk, .Gkp.pk, .Gov.PK domain names.
  14. For Updating/Locking/Unlocking Domain Name Registrant information or to initiate the transfer procedure, a processing fee of PKR.500 or $6 is charged.

What is Just Not Allowed at All

If you want to do any of the following acts, then believe me this company is not for you. Go somewhere else and try some other company. Because for all listed below activities we have zero tolerance policy and there will be no refund of money and even 30 days money back guarantee is not available for you if your domain or hosting get caught doing any of the activities listed below. If your website got suspended due to any of the listed activities then their is no refund of money and we will not even provide you any backups unless or until you pay a fine of PKR.5000 or $50. This is a fine for violating our terms and conditions.

  1. Spamming
  2. Phishing
  3. Nulled Scripts
  4. Store Backups separately on your own computers, Do not Save it on Server.
  5. Copyright Material
  6. Third Party Content
  7. Contents for promoting any religion and sect
  8. Hacked & Pirated Software
  9. illegal Material
  10. Adult Material
  11. Fraud of any Kind