PK Domain Policy

PK Domain and Hosting Privacy provides all its clients with secure PK Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration services. We guarantee to keep all the personal information and personal data secure and private for all our clients. We make it sure that nobody can access the personal data which you have provided us from outside. We do not compromise on security and privacy of our valuable clients. So you do not need to worry about the personal data which you have provided us while subscribing our products and services. Like all other domain registration and web hosting companies in Pakistan we have created our own specific to the point privacy policy for our products and services about which you can know from PK Domain Terms and Conditions page. In addition of all this the Privacy policy and terms and conditions of PKNIC which is the main registrar of .pk domain names in Pakistan is also applicable on the domain names which you purchase from our company. has reserved all the rights to change its policy anytime without any prior notice to the clients. So all the clients are requested to keep in touch and live updated with our Privacy Policy at least once in the end of each month. Here you can know about terms and conditions applied on our products and services and also thoroughly read the privacy policy statement written on this page.

Secure Personal Data and Information

Whenever you buy a domain name or web hosting or other IT services from any company. You have to provide some personal details to the Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration Company. These requirements are more complicated when you register a domain name for any educational or Government institution, organization or department. So when you purchase domain and hosting online you have to provide personal information like your name, Contact Number, Company Name, Company Registration Number, CNIC Card Copy, Company Letter Head, Company letter Head Stamp, Email Address, Signatures, Postal Code, Debit or Credit Card information etc. provides 100% guarantee to keep all the personal information which you have provided fully secured and private. We will never share your personal information with any third party. We even do not let any third person know about the WHOIS details of your PK Domain Names which you have registered with our company. In addition of all this we also keep all that personal information secure and safe which you provide us while creating your account during Signup Process. Which is required to manage your domain name and web hosting packages.


We use cookies on our website Which saves your hardware information and internet protocol (IP). So whenever you will visit again our website you will not need to provide the additional information again, which you have already provided us. These cookies help you autocomplete the queries and you can change them whenever you feel the need. We guarantee you that these cookies are connected with your hardware only and we will never save any your personal information such as contact number, email address or something else. These cookies only tell us which browser you are using to access our website and from which IP address. We need this information to make our website compatible for optimal performance and enhancing the user experience.

Change in Privacy Policy

Like all other local and internation web hosting and domain registration companies. We have cattered our own unique Privacy Policy in accordance with the needs and requirments of our clients. These terms and conditions and polices are applicable to all the products and services which we offer. You can know more about PK Domain usage polices on our Terms and Condition page, which you can visit through the footer link. reserves all the rights and powers to change its Privacy Policy anytime without any previous notice to clients. We do not have any specific time period after which we update our policies, we just change it whenever we feel it is appropriate for our company and in the best interest of our clients. So we request to all our dear clients to keep reviewing our privacy and policy at least once in a month. As we have tried to answer all your questions related to privacy policy on our website, it will help in saving your and our precious time.

PK Domain Requirements

Some of the basic information which you will have to provide us to register .PK Domain name includes the following elements. We register all the domain names on the personal information which our clients provide us. So you enjoy the benefit of complete ownership when you purchase domain names from Pakistan's best domain registration company at cheapest prices in the market.

  1. Your Name?
  2. Phone Number?
  3. Your CNIC Copy?
  4. Mobile Number?
  5. Fax Number?
  6. Your Company Name?
  7. Your Address?
  8. Company Owner CNIC?
  9. Postal Address?
  10. Email Address?
  11. Company Registered Letter Head?

Note: If you have any confusion about requirements of domain registration feel free to our customer support, which is very friendly and always ready to assist you regarding all matters of domain registration and web hosting. Company Letter Head and Company Owner Name, Stamp, Institution Registration Number, Company Registration number are required when you opt to register .EDU.PK or any other Government Domain Name using,, or any other such domain extension, which are reserved for Government official use.